George Heidweiller’s latest work!


George Heidweiller is back from India with a series of splendid new work.
Again with a vivid range of colours as George Heidweiller likes to do with his use of mixed media.

This time the mixed media does not only exists out of paint, collages, print, drawings but also out of clay!
George Heidweiller managed clay as a component into his mixed media art work.

The clay gives the art work depth, a complete new dimension.
A new frontier has been passed by George Heidweiller in his never ending “maximum mediasation quest”.

Our current collection

0,70 x 0,70 cm/ 1,45 x 0,60 cm, mix midia sobre tela com pintura e argila

145×60 cm

George Heidweiller has stepped away from traditional painting. Like a virtuoso pop and jazz musician who samples his compositions together, as in fashion where one sees more and more mixing and matching, George Heidweiller applies ‘maximum mediasation’ to his language. These compositions are complex montages, partly printed, partly painted, partly drawn. Often one cannot tell where the photography begins, where the painting ends, where the printed is noticeable and where the artist uses the elicited coincidence of all these mixes by giving a subtle push in various and constantly changing directions. 


All art work is made on hand shaped Indian paper and pasted on cardboard.